How far would you go to improve your marriage and family?

So, how far would you go? How about selling your house to travel around the country in an RV with two toddlers? Does that send chill bumps up and down your spine? It did mine when one of my cousins told me about her lifestyle change this past year.

Emily is an amazing woman. Vibrant, beautiful, social, fashionable, funny, passionate … the life of any party. For the past few years, she lived an active and fulfilling life raising her two little ones. Every day was filled with friends and fun. But something was missing: her husband.

This past year, Emily’s husband took a new job that required a great deal of travel. She adjusted with ease, just as she has with every other change in her life. But last June, she counted up the hours she’d seen her husband — yes, hours, not days — and came up with a short 16. Something needed to change. In Emily’s words, she married a wonderful man. She missed him, her kids missed him, and they needed to find a solution. So, Emily prayed.

She said it came to her in the middle of the night. Sell the house, get rid of almost everything, and buy an RV.

And so they did.

I admire Emily’s courage. Her eyes lit up as she described the adventures they’d had and the freedom that came with getting rid of most of their “stuff.” They spend their time traveling, reading books, seeing fun sights, and not living in a hectic schedule. This was not what Emily envisioned as her dream life, but her flexibility and devotion to her family and the values they share are admirable.

And it has made me think: how far would I go? Would I have Emily’s courage? Would you?