Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? How about hearing those thoughts and voices in your head that tell you you’re not good enough — not “mom” enough? Or do you feel that no matter how hard you try, life always careens out of your control?

It seems almost daily I experience some sort of doubt. I feel down when I look around my chaotic home. No matter how much time I spend cleaning up and cleaning out, the mess returns and brings along friends. And why can’t I get “up and at ‘em” like other moms? While I drag my kids to school, others around me run marathons, attend 5:30 a.m. boot camp, and get awarded volunteer-of-the-year. I’m having a good day if I can get Rachel to her special needs class on time and with her panties on; teeth brushing, hair combing, and wearing other wardrobe pieces are bonuses. Back when I dreamed of mothering, I never envisioned my most-used-mom phrase being, “Please put your panties back on.”

How about the budget-savvy moms who manage their groceries like a “Mommy MacGyver,” using only a rubber band and two coupons to purchase three buggies full of groceries, while I may appear next month on American Express’ most-beloved list for the four Hershey bars and frozen pizzas that seem to always cost me around $99.95?

I even worry that my blogging isn’t good enough!

Have you ever found yourself caught in the not-good-enough trap? It’s always there, waiting to consume and discourage us. Part of this problem lies in focus. Instead of focusing on the negatives, I should keep my eyes on grace. When God granted us grace through Jesus’ death, He didn’t say, “Well, I’ll give most of you grace except that Jennifer who can’t seem to balance a budget and keep her house clean.” Nor did He say, “You can’t be a good mom if you don’t serve five-course meals on bone china daily.” He didn’t even say anything about keeping my child’s panties on. No. He offered grace as a gift — to be imperfect and yet still beloved. I must refocus on Him, and let Him to show me how to parent. I must let the rest go.

If I can encourage you (and myself at the same time) in any way, dear sisters, it is to just be. Give yourself the same grace God granted you. No one is perfect except Jesus. And He doesn’t expect you to be a perfect mom, wife, or anything else. He just wants you to be. So, rest well and tell those negative thoughts and voices to go jump in the bottle of Pine Sol. You’ve got other things to be.

Take a minute to click on the picture above to open a larger version. Drink in the sunrise and just be for a moment before you rush on with your day.

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