I want to be beautiful, cherished, nurtured, and loved. Does your heart tell you this? Does the world tell you you aren’t? Can you even hear the still, small voice inside that whispers to you that your true beauty lies in your captivating heart and not in what the mirror reflects? What if we could pour into our daughters (and our sons) enough that when they are confronted by the world, they choose to believe the truth instead of the lies they are fed?

I am constantly looking for ways to do this with both of my children. And I was very pleased with the latest Veggie Tales video, “SweetPea Beauty — A Girl After God’s Own Heart.”

SweetPea Beauty says, “It just seems to me that since God is the one who made us, that His definition of beauty is the one that is true.” That is the message I want my daughter to grow in her heart. It’s the message I want to cultivate in my own heart, as well.