Okay, Ladies, since I know you already peeked, I want to encourage you to send this along to any men who you think this might encourage:

Hey Guys,
For over 40 years, I’ve had the privilege of being married to my husband, John, and I’ve also had the fun of hanging out with many of your young wives. I want to encourage you. I know we wives can be tough to understand, and no matter what you do, it hardly ever seems it’s enough!

Recently, a friend asked my husband,“After all these years, do you understand your wife?

“Understand her — no way.” He laughed. “Enjoy her, yes!”

I want to give you a hint that just might help you in understanding two of your wife’s needs.

Picture for a moment a flashlight, one that takes two “AA” batteries. Over time, it’s easy for these batteries to grow dim. They just get worn down. Sometimes one will go out before the other. Soon the flashlight will begin to flicker, and the light will fade. It’s time to recharge, to put new batteries into your flashlight.

We women need two batteries to keep us bright. Our “AA’s” are appreciation and affection. These qualities can be rare in our worlds. A four-year-old is not likely to say to his or her exhausted mom, “Gosh, Mom, you are doing a good job raising me.” There’s not a lot of appreciation for laundry done, dinner fixed, and clothes washed. It’s a rare husband who says, “Thanks, Honey, for carpooling the kids all over the place today. I appreciate you.” A comment like that would do wonders to increase our battery life!

Affection is the second of our batteries that can become depleted. It’s hard for us women to get excited about sex if we haven’t experienced affection. It can make us feel cheap or used. Simply greeting us with a hug at the end of the day and saying ,”I missed you today,” can help to recharge our battery. Give us a hug in front of the kids while exclaiming, “I love this woman,” and you hit the jackpot! A phone call or text message just to say, “Hope you are having a good day,” can make a huge difference.

So guys, it’s a wise man who asks himself if his wife’s batteries need to be recharged. They probably do! As you take steps to recharge them, don’t be discouraged if we don’t respond right away. Sometimes it takes repeated efforts. Just persist, and we will lighten up in due time!