The joys of having twins is seemingly never-ending. As my girls approach the four-month mark, I have been enjoying their extra smiles, coos, and gasps of delight. They know my face when they see it and can follow me around the room with their eyes. Just when I think it can’t get any better, it does.

I have been wondering something lately. Is it possible that my babies love me already? I mean, I know that they are used to me and comfortable with me, but I feel like they already know how to express their love for me with their exuberant smiles and shrieks of delight. Their little arms and legs swing and pump through the air when they see their dad or me. They can’t contain their joy and love for us, and neither can I.

After they finish eating is when they are especially excited and joyful. Piper’s eyes are always wide open and taking in the world around her. She coos and smiles with her arms swinging wildly around her and her hands grasping her outfit or whatever her hands land on. Lily is bit more pensive and thoughtful, and yet when she’s happy, it is an absolute delight to watch as her face breaks out into a big grin and her eyes twinkle with joy for her mom and dad.

Being a parent is difficult, yes, but the joys are far more than the difficulties and make it all worthwhile. I can see now how parenting is a small glimpse into how our Father loves us and takes great delight in us, His children. He loves us no matter our shortcomings and is always faithful. I love my precious girls, and it doesn’t matter how grumpy they are or when they get mad because they are tired; I still adore them for who they are and what they mean to me.