The Easter season is a great time to tell the true meaning of the holiday: the story of Jesus Christ. We have found Resurrection Eggs, a product developed and produced by FamilyLife, to be very helpful. Here is a fun way to celebrate, an Easter Advent!

Here is what you will need:

A calendar

Set of Resurrection Eggs and its story booklet (Contact

A family-decorated Easter basket (i.e., colored grass, chocolates)

Mark off 12 days on a calendar that lead up to Easter.

Organize each Resurrection Egg to correspond to a day on the calendar: 12 days, 12 eggs

Whether at a meal time, bedtime, or family time, open an egg, show the symbol inside, and read its corresponding story. Replace the symbol, close the egg, and place it in the basket. Be sure to get your little helpers involved.

Finally, the children will watch in amazement when you come to the last egg — number twelve. The egg is empty, just like the tomb where Jesus lay is empty. He is alive!

The Easter Advent introduces some and reminds others of the spiritual significance for Easter. It is fun yet memorable.