Toilet paper has a quick turn-around in our house. No matter how much I buy, it seems we are always about to run out. Of course, our daughter Rachel’s fascination with unraveling the rolls and seeing how much will flush at a time could have something to do with it.

In an effort to be more spending savvy, I decided that some cheaper — I mean, more “wallet-friendly” — TP would be a good way for our family to save money and the environment all in one go. The consensus? “Don’t skimp on the TP, Mom.” Fortunately, Rachel, with her autistic love for sensory activities, made certain that brand didn’t spend too much time in the house.

So yesterday, when we discovered that Rachel had used extra thick body cream to “paint” her sister’s walls and furniture, I thanked God several times for my decision to go back to the “squeezable” TP brand. A scraper and that great TP took the mess right off everything except the carpet. That will require some major attention with the steam cleaner, another object for which I have often thanked God.

So, the next time you are at the store and pass by the TP aisle, join me in saying a quick thanks for great paper products. Happy shopping, sisters!