A conversation with fellow MomBlogger Barbara Rainey this week was a good reminder for me. She mentioned that sometimes kids internalize a Bible story best when they act it out. Now, I put on goofy Christmas reenactments for my parents as a kid—one of my sisters still complains that she was always the donkey. But what a great idea to get your kids involved in the Christmas story, and any other Bible stories!

So today we pulled out Dad’s t-shirts (white for the angels, green for Joseph), a baby doll with makeshift “swaddling cloths,” some fairy wings I’d found on clearance, a rocking-horse-turned-donkey, and some stuffed animals. Then we made the bunk beds into a stable. They had a blast!

I had to wipe the angels’ noses a couple of times, but my 2-year-old kept asking to sing “Angels we have heard on high singing o’er the plains,” and the 3-year-old made a great Gabriel standing on the couch. I even got to be a wise man. (“They brought Him money, Mom,” my 5-year-old informed me. Close, Buddy.) They incorporated verses they’d memorized, too, and it was fun to see how much they could remember. I’m hoping their understanding of the stories grow with them and their role plays.

Thanks for the great idea, Barbara!