Christmas is my favorite time of year. I so enjoy the sights, sounds, and pleasant dispositions of all those around me. Christmas is a time filled with joy.

Strangely, today my mind has wandered back to Rwanda.

Interesting that in the middle of my baking, buying, wrapping, and planning, my mind should be filled with memories of dirt roads, curious eyes, broad smiles, and water jugs teetering on tiny heads.

Just moments ago I realized why — no, actually God helped me to realize why.

In the tiny country of Rwanda, those believers whom I came into contact with were full of joy. They had so little, they shared what little they had, they served others passionately, and they were continuously joyful.

How does that happen?

In our surroundings of plenty, we need an occasion to be filled with joy. In their surroundings of poverty, Rwandans find joy in everyday life.

Stop, my friend and ponder those two statements.

Ponder mom.

How do your children find joy?

How do you find joy?

Twirl that around in your head.

I keep wanting to take you to a deep truth and tie a pretty little bow around the end of this post…but somehow I cannot.

I think this time, that deep truth is between you and God.