My carpet and I have a pretty close relationship, considering that between the dog and a few preschoolers, I scrub it at least twice a week. MomBlogger Jenn Dyer and I connect on this.

One of the most successful carpet-cleaning solutions I’ve found, recommended to my mom (a.k.a. The Queen of Clean) by her carpet installer, has also been the cheapest! First, absorb any excess liquid, or pick up any solids. (I know. Ew.)

Then, in a small, sealed plastic container, shake together water and a little bit of dish soap (about 1 cup of water, 1/2 tsp of dish soap … not dishwashing detergent). You’ll have some good suds. Rub the bubbles on the spot, and scrub them in with a clean, white cloth. Let them set a few minutes; repeat if necessary.

Sadly, this still doesn’t cause me to look forward to my regular rendezvous with the carpet. But it does make the encounters a little shorter and more successful. Happy(er) scrubbing!