Three young prayer warriors around the table are always willing to volunteer for the blessing before dinner.  As you can imagine, we have some interesting prayers.

There are the “tattling” prayers, “Dear God, please teach my brother to stop taking Legos off the airplane I made today.”

And then there are the “manipulating” prayers, “Heavenly Father, make Mom buy some cookies for dessert.”

Tonight we had a very unusual and heart-felt prayer by our 5-year-old son:

“Dear God, today J.B. puked all over his hands in class and please make him learn how to puke in the potty.  God, make all the kids learn how to puke in the garbage can or the potty or if they can’t learn that make them not puke at all.  Amen.”

Mom in stage whisper: “Could we at least thank God for the meal?”

Reverent son:  “Oh, yeah.  Thanks for the food. Amen.”

Chicken potpie, anyone?