Well, it didn’t work.

We weren’t able to sell our house over the summer. For the last couple of weeks of the season, a slow, steady awareness descended on me: We’re not moving.

What in the world is plan B?

As in, for schooling for our oldest son who started kindergarten this fall. You might be fortunate to live in an area like the one I grew up in: The school choice was easy, obvious. Healthy. Or you might live in an area like the one I do now, where your school choice can say as much about you as your church choice, your neighborhood, or your hairstyle — or in many cases, your parenting style. That being the case, I’ve been scrambling as I transitioned our plans and myself to what was actually, it seems, God’s plan A all along.

But here’s what I know. I know that He works everything together for our good and His glory. I know that He knows what educational style is going to cause my brand-new kindergartner to flourish, in the short run and the long run. He has plans for my family that may be way off the map of my imagination. Like Moses, my husband and I have asked of God, “‘If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here'” (Exodus 33:15). And it appears that barring the work of the enemy or our own sin, God is answering our prayer. Even if we’re misreading God’s plan here or getting in His way, no plan of God’s can be thwarted (Job 42:2).

I don’t think any experience is wasted in God’s economy, so I suspect (and have experienced) that He’s had things for me to learn on this journey that ended up in an unsold house and our last-minute school plans. I don’t know what He’s protecting us from, or guiding us toward. I do know that I’ve experienced many Plan Bs before, and that they’ve been — in this life already, and as I’ll see in eternity — way better than any of my short-sighted plans.

But these have been my challenges, as we’ve begun to find God’s answer different than the one we expected:

1) To choose to “walk by faith, not by sight” — faith in God’s goodness for my family and for His own honor.

2) To choose joy, embracing Plan B. Wish I could say I’m doing that with flying colors, but the meter’s waffling between overwhelmed and joyful based on the day.

He knows. And He’ll be there in Plan B. (Or A.)