Weekends provide longer days, especially for my family since Rachel’s normal routine is wrecked. So last week, after our big stair cleanup, we took a family outing to buy school supplies.

Once at the store, we put the girls into two baskets and pretended to race while we gathered school supplies. On the way down an aisle, we passed some piano keyboards. Rachel wanted to stop and play for a few minutes.

While we were there, a man came over, and without a word, started playing the keyboard next to Rachel. For almost thirty minutes, he mesmerized Rachel with a myriad of tunes. It was amazing. I thanked the man as we walked off, but I wish I could have explained to him how much it meant to me that he would take his time to play music for my little one. He engaged her for a long time, which rarely happens because of her autism, and he made it one of our best shopping trips ever. It’s amazing how much impact one little act of kindness can have.