Last night, my hubby cracked up while looking at his email. He looked at me with his eyebrows raised.

“Evaporated. Just keep stirring to get rid of lumps?”

I stared at him. “Um, those are the recipe instructions I sent to a friend through Facebook… Wait, how did you know that?”

Once he’d caught his breath and fallen off the bed with laughter … twice, he informed me that I’d put that up as my status. All 148 of my friends got to see that. Plus their friends… And that’s the first time I’ve posted a status in MONTHS.

So, from now on, I think I’ll post parts of recipes on my status. Next one: “Put in oven until half-baked.”

However, my embarrassing faux pas wasn’t anywhere near as embarrassing as one of comedian Tim Hawkins‘ moments. Check it out! If you enjoyed that, go to Tim Hawkins’ website.