Summer is here! Now what?

I spend a lot of time wondering what to do with my daughter during the summer months. Our younger child will continue in her special needs school, but June, July, and August seem to stretch ahead for our eldest daughter. And her favorite question is: “What are we doing next?”

The local pool is a lifesaver, but it’s closed on Mondays. So, I talked to a few friends and we’ve decided to do a “Monday Madness” day. We’re going to take turns hosting and have fun times with sprinklers, bubbles, bikes, sidewalk chalk, popsicles, and the occasional indoor activity when it rains. The moms will bring snacks, and the kids will bring their energy. I’m looking forward to free time for the kids and a chance to “yack and snack” with my friends.

We are also participating in our local library’s summer reading club. This provides incentives for the kids to read and lots of fun programs to attend. Plus, this gives me another opportunity to see some friends and pick up some fun books to read in my copious free time—yeah, right!

Check out this great website I found for bubble recipes and craft ideas. You might also want to re-explore some of the ideas we offered for summer fun last year. Happy Summer!