We are gearing up for our annual “Mimi and Papa Camp” for the grandchildren this summer.

I recently mailed out their registration forms with information about our five-day camp. There will be field trips to the zoo and aquarium, a picnic in the park, and rounds of fun at their favorite jumping play center. The grandchildren enjoy the Bible stories and craft times. And besides swimming and playground activities, we have a fun addition this year … a summer birthday party.

Since most of the birthdays are spread throughout the year and distance makes it difficult for us to attend all the celebrations, we are having a one-day party for them all!

Here’s the plan …

Everyone will get to eat his or her favorite meal on the  “Happy Birthday” plate.

One huge birthday cake will be decorated with ALL their names and one candle.

Each will get a gift bag with an age-appropriate party favor.

Each will get to open one gift that is to remain at our home for future fun.

Singing “Happy Birthday” will include ALL their names.

A group picture will be taken for the camp album (it should be a hoot in years to come!).

I am having a ball planning for camp this year. It should be lots of fun and good lasting memories for us all!