Too often kids learn about “the birds and the bees” through playground sex ed or from the media. Determined to have my 8-year-old daughter learn the facts from me, I began sharing with the help of a book several months ago.  After we read the book she declared it “the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.”  The conversation was over for the time. Phew …

Recently as we were snuggling before I tucked her in, she began asking a question about passionate kissing.  I explained that this was a way people expressed love to each other and that God designed this passion to be experienced in marriage.  She quickly made the connection to “that disgusting thing we read a book about.”  Yep.  Well, she had enough time to ponder what we had read and had quite a few questions this time. After a lengthy discussion that was beginning to make me squirm (with questions like, “How do you get your underwear off in the dark?”), I concluded with the point that sex was a pleasurable gift from God intended for married couples.

In the dim light, I could see those cognitive wheels a-turning.  “So it’s gross but kinda’ feels good.  Like squishing mud between your toes.”  With supernatural constraint, I barely made it to our bedroom before howling with laughter!

I’m grateful for the open dialog I am able to have with my daughter while she is young.  She still thinks I’m smart and an expert on all of life’s issues.  I pray that our relationship will remain close and open, that I will always be someone she can ask those questions!