As the family was winding down and settling into our beds for the evening, an annoying buzz was ringing in my head.  Then I realized that the sound was tornado sirens—not the kind of thing that helps your children settle quietly into a good night’s sleep!

Thankfully my son fell asleep moments after his head hit the pillow, so he was oblivious. My daughter, however, looked at me and asked if that sound was what she thought it was. I could instantly see the concern in her eyes and knew that how I handled the next few moments would determine how the next few hours would be for her. My husband had gone to the television and realized through the streaming broadcast of weather alerts (on every local station) that indeed just a few miles away there were reports of funnel clouds, but they were heading in the opposite direction.

I relayed this information to my daughter and she wasn’t as relieved as I thought she’d be. When I questioned her on that, she explained that she didn’t know if I was telling her the whole story. A little put off by her accusation I inquired why she would ask such a thing.  Her reply: “Sometimes you and Dad don’t tell me everything because you don’t want me to worry and you want to protect me.” We had a good discussion and prayed together for the safety of those in harm’s way, and I assured her that if something changed and danger was heading our way, I would let her know.

That got me to thinking that sometimes I do this with my heavenly Father. Yes, I have a personal relationship with Him, study His Word, pray and trust Him with all that I have, but I also wonder if He’s just not telling me everything. If my life is going well I wonder, Is the bottom about to fall out? If I am tackling a particular problem I wonder if He’s putting me through growth in that area because He knows something bad is on the horizon and He’s getting me ready for the storm.

I realized that much like I encouraged my daughter to do—to pray, give all her cares of the storm to God and snuggle in her comfy bed and go to sleep, trusting that’s He’s in control—that’s what I’m called to do on a daily basis.  Honestly, I don’t know how those who don’t have a relationship with God can make it through life’s storms, whether it’s the real ones or the ones that are just swirling around in their heads!