Hello. My name is Julia and I’m an air freshener addict.   Especially to the “clean” scent—also known as fresh linen, clean laundry, fresh air, etc.  With a mere flick of my trigger finger my home smells sparkling clean, though the laundry doth threaten to topple and my rear has been planted on the couch in front of the computer.

No plug-ins, candles or diffusers, thank you very much.  Only the spray for me.  I do not want my nose to become immune to the scent that only a spontaneous fresh blast of spray can bring.  No fresh baked cookie, apples and cinnamon, or yeast roll scent, either.  It only drives me to the fridge, and what if—gasp—someone asks to sample these “fresh baked goodies”?!  They will be sorely disappointed to find only some stale cereal to sink their teeth into. Now if someone could just create a “freshly bleached bathroom” scent, my days of hustling to appear to be a domestic marvel as company approached would be over.

Aahhh … It’s good to take time to be thankful for the simple pleasures in life.  Care to share your simple pleasures with me?