Call it what you will—“Disney Déjà vu,” “Mickey Memories,” “Neverland Nostalgia”—it was fun! Two little girls who love princesses, three jam-packed days of wild rides, cotton candy, and familiar characters, and two grandparents who couldn’t wait to relive the many happy memories they had made there with their own children.

It was hard to decide who was more excited—us or them. Tim and I couldn’t wait to show them the marvels of Cinderella’s Castle, to watch them try to pull the sword from the stone, and encourage them to overcome their fears by going on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Our joy came in watching them delight in the wonders of discovering Disneyland for their very first time.

I couldn’t help but think how much our trip reminded me of God’s delight in bringing us joy and helping us discover all the wonderful blessings He has for us. Just as Tim and I wanted nothing more than to make these little girls completely content and happy, God is praised when we delight in His provisions with complete abandonment.

Every day can be like a trip to the place where dreams come true when we entrust ourselves to a heavenly Father who loves us more than life itself. Why not return your thanks by totally enjoying what God has planned for you today?

Darcy Kimmel has a heart for encouraging and equipping women to maximize their unique callings in life. Her greatest joys come from her own relationships. Darcy and her husband Tim have a passion for family and together founded Family Matters, a ministry dedicated to “equipping families for every age and stage of life”. Darcy speaks with Tim around the world regarding marriage and parenting issues and has co-authored several books and video studies with him on parenting, grandparenting and family relationships.