Mother’s Day is coming! Sometimes we can get it in our head that our children are going to instinctively work at making Mother’s Day great for us. However, we are the primary teacher in their lives so maybe, just maybe, we need to get proactive and help teach them how to esteem us (and other mothers) on Mother’s Day.

For me, the greatest gift I could receive is the gift of making a memory. What better way to make memories with your children than to work on a Mother’s Day project together?

All children love Rice Krispies Treats … I wonder if butter-covered hands in a bowl of Rice Krispies Treat “batter” is just as fun as eating the treats? If a child is standing next to Mom and making something for her (and Grandma) I’m guessing it might just be!

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I forgot how to make Rice Krispies Treats so I googled it and look what I found: Rice Krispies Treats have become art projects!

Snap, crackle, pop!