The other day I was running late … again. Imagine that. I’d been watching the clock and felt I had plenty of time to get to our special needs gymnastics class … until I tried to get my youngest into the car. She stripped naked three times and by the time I got her dressed and into the car, I’d worked up a sweat. I sat her in her seat and ran back inside like a madwoman gathering all the diaper bag items necessary to be gone for a mere two hours. I was upstairs grabbing “blankie” when the garage door went up. Who could have done that? My heart hammered while I took the stairs two at a time and collided with the dog on my sprint to the garage. What did I find? A naked child honking the horn. In my haste, I’d forgotten to strap her into her seat.

Once my hearing recovered, I re-closed the garage door and took a few long breaths before I either screamed or burst into tears (for the second time in five minutes). What was I going to do? We were now fifteen minutes late, and I had no energy or patience left. I walked back into the house and leaned on the kitchen counter. God? I can’t do this. This is so hard! Please help me.

In that moment a verse came to my mind. “Greater love has no man than this—that he would lay his life down for a friend.” I mulled it over. Who has greater love than a mother? Who better to understand laying down her life for another than a mother? Yes, that was what God has been teaching me and will teach me for the rest of my life through the vehicle of autism. I am laying down my life daily, following Jesus’ example. What a beautiful picture of God’s love He has shown me through my own child. That thought gave me strength to go on.

So, we made it in one piece to gymnastics and even managed to stay dressed for another 30 minutes once we got there.