Teenagers: so quick to voice their opinions.

The other day my sweet daughter, upon observing a little mistake I made while preparing dinner, made one of her humorous quips, “Epic failure,” followed by a shake of the head and a slight smirk.

“Excuse me?” I replied.

She repeated, “Epic failure.”

“That sounds like a good blog post title,” I said. “I should do an “Epic failure” post … what should I write it about?”

To which she retorted, “Would you like your epic failures in alphabetical order, or in order of annoyance?”

So I called her bluff and asked her to go for it and tell me about my “epic failures.” She provided the following:

You use way too many words to make a very brief point.

You have no math skills.

Your random outbursts of singing and dancing are just awkward.

You’re computer illiterate.

You have a habit of having full-scale conversations … with yourself.

Your shoes.

Your strange ability to burn yourself every time you open the oven … in the same spot … same place … and no, it’s not the oven’s fault.

Then she asked, “Can I call Dad and ask him if he can think of more?”

I must say, I am so pleased that I have the opportunity through this blog to share our little bantering session with you and keep her ever mindful that should she experience her own little “epic failures” I have my computer (and my illiterate skills with it) at the ready to get it all down in print!

That is one way I will always get the last word!