I had to laugh last night—when my husband arrived home from work I was in the middle of a mess in the kitchen, my son was in his room with the door closed, and my daughter, who had been sick for days, was “zoned out” in front of the television. So his arrival home went unnoticed.

Suddenly I heard him say, rather loudly and with more than a touch of aggravation, “I’m home!” I yelled loudly, “Daddy’s home!” My son couldn’t hear me, my daughter was lost in the television, and I had my hands into dinner and couldn’t leave my post. As a result, his arrival was a non-event.

This is not the homecoming he is used to receiving. You see, my hubby has come to expect a very warm welcome upon his return home after a hard day’s work. So as I chuckled in the kitchen, he grumbled in the doorway.

He then walked in, looked at me and said, “That’s it, nothing?” I laughed, asked him to come and give me a big hug, cautioning him to be careful not to get covered in dinner, which was still in process! I then told him he’d have to go find his kids and let them know he was home.

As he disappeared down the hallway, I soon heard shouts, laughing, and lots of conversation.

I must admit, I stood there pleased with myself that I have taught my children to warmly welcome their father when he gets home. I strongly suggest all you moms out there do the same. It will make your heart sing and his heart soar at the end of a long, hard day. It will also go a long way to set the tone of your home for the rest of the evening!