If The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything sent your boys into a never-ending pirates phase, too (“RRRR! It’s a fine day at sea, Mom!”), or if your kids have that innate love for adventure and exploration, maybe your kids will have a blast with this like mine did! Bonus: It also gives them beginning map-reading, direction-following, problem-solving, and spatial skills.

1) Choose and hide a treasure. Surprise older kids; let younger kids know what they’ll be looking for (can be something new, a toy they like, or a piece of candy).

2) Draw a simple map. For younger kids, draw a dotted line as a path to take.

3) If they’re into it, encourage costumes. Nothing like looking the part of a treasure hunter, pirate, explorer, etc.

4) After round one, consider switching sides: You’re the explorer! Some preschoolers will be able to draw a crude map for you … and who knows what treasure may show up that you thought was lost. (“My cell phone!!”)

Have fun, mateys.