I just left church, and today is one of those days where God just got in my face—in a good way. As a mom, I am so easily distracted and irritated as well. I snap at the kids, tell them “no” most of the time just because it is easier, or love them based on their performance instead of just loving them as God loves me, unconditionally. It’s hard to be a wife and mom and friend.

I wear so many hats that at times I forget just what it is I am supposed to be doing: Loving my husband, my kids, and the people of the world; training my boys to love God and not things; showing them I love them even when they make mistakes; having joy each day towards my husband even when it is so hard to serve with a sincere and happy heart; and loving other moms at the school where my boys attend.
Pastor said today that we must remember Corem Deo, which means “before the face of God.”

All we do, watch, and listen to is done before the face of God. As a follower of Christ, I am to be a light in this world. So I must ask myself, Am I being light in my family? Do I do all things with the awareness that God is watching? When I get angry with the kids, do I sin in my anger or do I teach these boys as Christ would teach them, with love? When I am in a mood, do I treat my husband with respect and kindness? 

I do this not just because God is there but because of the deep and passionate love I have for Him.
I make mistakes every day! I fail every day! Yet knowing that God is there is a comfort to me even still. He will not fail me as I will fail Him. So, I ask you do you realize you are doing all before the face of God? And will this change how you live your life?