Each morning I wake up to the sound of the radio. A while back I was awakened by a song that literally brought me to tears, it was as if God was giving me a personal wake up call. The song stuck with me all day, continued to roll around in my head and spill out of my mouth. The problem was that I didn’t know the artist or the title, just the words … and powerful words they were.

When my daughter got home from school I asked her if she could find it. So I started singing what I could remember, then went back to making preparations for dinner. Several minutes later she called out to me, “Is this it?” Then floating to my ears from the family room was the sound that had been echoing in my head all day, “Empty Me.”

We both listened to it and then she smiled at me and said, “Cool.” As I returned to the kitchen, she informed me, “Hey Mom, that’s Chris Sligh from American Idol.” We were both impressed by the fact that yet another American Idol contestant was taking a stand for Christ in an industry where such a stand could stunt your career.

Since hearing that song I have been convicted over and over about my own pride and Chris’s words have become a bit of an anthem for me. Besides other pride issues God brought to mind, He also reminded me that as a mother, sometimes I can become a little too fixated on myself and making sure my children do what pleases me. Are you with me, ladies?

I can recall an old saying, “don’t be so full of yourself,” yet how many days do I stumble through with the “Tracey agenda” at the forefront. My temptations to self may be much different than Chris Sligh’s temptations in the music industry. But look how much more I am responsible for as a mother—I have little eyes watching me every moment. As a mom, I think that anthem “Empty Me” needs to be on my lips constantly.

If I work hard each day to “empty me” as illustrated in the song, my children will learn, through observation, just what it means to be filled with Him.

(I have never really been into New Year’s Resolutions…but that sure sounds like a good one!)