Last year we decided to minimize the commercialism of Christmas and  emphasize the birthday of Jesus Christ. We purchased a cow to feed a family in Africa instead of giving gifts to our married children.

Christmas is the observance of the birth of Jesus Christ. He received three gifts from the wise men, so we should receive three gifts. Let me share our gift giving idea for this year.

To our three older grandsons, I mailed a letter expressing our love for them and explained the message of Christmas—that Jesus Christ was born the Savior of World. Along with the letter was a personalized 3×5 card for them to write three gifts they desired from us, MiMi and PaPa.

1. Something to wear

2. Something you like to have

3. Something you want

I wanted them to take some time to think about their gifts.

I sent a stamped, self-addressed envelope for them to return their cards. I made it nice and simple.

I pray this gift giving idea will not only generate gratitude in their young hearts but keep our family focused on the real reason for the season … the birthday of Jesus. He is the greatest gift!