How long do you wait to refill your car’s gas tank? If you’re anything like me, it’s after the gas light comes on. I asked a friend this question. She told me her dad always refilled his cars just after the halfway mark. She grew up on a farm, with the nearest gas station miles away. Her father held to the principle that you never know what will happen tomorrow so it’s best to be prepared.

So, how does this apply to being a mom, besides trying not to run out of gas in the carpool line? I must take care to refill my mind, body, and spirit. How far do I let myself go before I refuel? Sadly, too long. Yesterday, I collapsed on the couch in the middle of the day and looked around at the toy carnage. I teared up. My whole body hurt, I couldn’t make my mind focus, and I felt so disconnected with everything. I was exhausted. That’s when I realized my gas light was on. I was running on empty.

Why do I let myself get to this point? Guilt. I sometimes think I must be busy and productive at all times. That might explain why I have so many health problems today.

So, as I sat down to do my daily Bible study this morning, I thanked God for that time. Because I wanted to make my Bible time a priority, I was able to let all the other things go. I rested in God’s word. I must make this spiritual rest, along with mental and physical rest, a discipline. As my friend’s father said, you never know what’s around the corner.