This summer I did a study on Esther that I really enjoyed. I remember thinking, I want to be like Esther, she is one courageous chick! With what’s been going on lately, I realize now that I am living out the point of the study.

We are experiencing a bit of turmoil in our world right now. Esther teaches us that though we do not always know the future, or what God is up to, we know God … and we are to trust Him. Esther also teaches us that things can happen in our lives that we do not see the purpose for at the time, but later it is revealed to us and we have one of those, “Ah-ha, that’s-why-God-did-that!” moments.

God will allow things to happen to set up the future that He has for us.

As moms, we regularly point out to our children that things do not always go as they had planned, but that it’s okay—just adjust, adapt, and trust God. We give great advice:

  • I know you wanted to be invited to that birthday party, but for some reason you obviously are not supposed to be there.
  • I know you are disappointed your friend cannot come over to play, but let’s see what else we can do with our day.
  • I know you wanted to make that team, but it is okay that you didn’t. God must have other plans for you this fall.
  • I know you are not in your best friend’s class, but you can make new friends.

So moms, do we take our own advice when things in our world are not going as we had planned?  Do we adjust, adapt and trust God? Interesting, isn’t it… how we struggle with the same “childishness” as our children.

And while we’re at it, let’s remember not to murmur, or buy into the fear that the world is currently selling. After all, don’t we always tell our children to stop complaining – just deal with it!

One of the best nuggets I received from my study of Esther was about trusting God, NOT trusting my theory of what God is doing. When I see the circumstances of what is going on in our country, the temptation is to come to conclusions about what God is doing and feel good about “my theory.”

Instead, I must feel good about God and not speculate about what He is doing .

Ladies, we must trust God in a courageous way, just as Esther did. Each of us must expectantly trust God to work in and through our lives, and be that “one courageous chick” too!