My daughter and I “got” to go clothes shopping again, oh yippee!  You may recall from one of my previous posts that is not our most favorite thing to do!

We were on the hunt for a dress, which in itself is amazing because my tomboy daughter has not worn a dress in a few years. Anyway, as we were looking through the racks of brightly colored dresses we kept noticing that many of the styles seemed … well, trashy, to put it bluntly.

We gathered a few possibilities together, went to a dressing room (that I am happy to report was being run by a female), and started the trying on process. Because we do not enjoy the process, we streamlined it. I stood with my back to her staring at the clothes to be tried on. I would quickly get them off and on the hangers and she would try them on, tell me to turn around take a look, and then we would quickly reject an option and start the process again.

I say quickly reject because most every dress proved to be short on material in the neck and bodice area. At one point it became almost comical if it wasn’t so infuriating. She’d put on a dress, say, “Turn around,” and then laugh and ask, “Who would wear this?”

Unfortunately, if it were left up to fashion designers, lots of teenage girls.

The fashion industry needs to understand that young girls are just that and they do not need to be wearing clothes that make them look like women.  Especially scantily clad women.

Would someone please do something about the way the fashion industry is trying to dress our daughters?

Oh … someone is! And her name is Dannah Gresh, remember…I met her at True Woman 08? I look forward to introducing you to her as a guest blogger … later today!