Over the last five years as we’ve emptied our nest and transitioned to just the two of us again, Dennis and I have made several promises to each other while talking about aging and the years ahead. They started out as just pieces of conversations about how we didn’t want to do this or become a certain way when we got old. It was similar to when we were pregnant with our first baby and we had conversations about how we’d never do this or that with our child.

So here we are looking into another future and making plans for how we want to live this new phase of life. These promises aren’t written in stone, but we’ve both voiced them enough times that they’re now a part of the way we think as we move forward. Here are three:

  • We have promised each other we will not be complaining, griping, cynical old people. We’ve listened to too many older people talk all the time about ailments and how bad the world is and how the younger generation is just terrible. There is much that is good and we want to focus on that.
  • We have promised we will do all we can to stay healthy and strong in body and in spirit. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge. Much to our 23-year-old daughter’s chagrin, Dennis has recently joined Facebook! She said it was not for people our age!
  • We decided long ago that we intend to use our lives for the kingdom of God until we breathe our last breath. We have no intention of retiring, but only of changing directions as God leads, and slowing down as we have to. Retirement is NOT an option.

The empty nest is a great time to re-evaluate your life, and your marriage, and to make some new resolutions to guide you into this new future.

So take the time and get started defining your future!