I just got my hands on Barbara’s new book When Christmas Came and I must tell you, I did not want to set it down!  If you are a gal that likes beautiful things you are going to like this book.  Actually, it is more than a book—it is an experience.

Have you ever viewed art that somehow lodged in your heart, or read words that warmed your soul?  With the turn of every page I found a new experience, I was smiling, nodding, crying, and praising the Lord right where I sat.

Then I went through a mental checklist of all the people I wanted to give the book to for Christmas.  Those who are believers will relish the truth of the book, those who are not believers will experience the story of Christ in an artistic and meaningful way and appreciate the beauty of the book while getting a glimpse of God’s heart.

When I think back to the items I relished setting out for Christmas every year as my family decorated, I remember a particular greeting card, that was more like a book, that told the story of Christ’s birth.  Though it became tattered and torn and the artwork faded, there was something about the beauty and truth contained in that card that made it special to me. That same feeling has come over me as I run my fingers over When Christmas Came.

My children laugh at me when I get all sentimental like this, but I’m guessing someday they will ruminate on Christmas memories from home and I pray that the story of Christ is what stands out in their minds.

I realize as I make plans for Christmas this year I need to do all I can to make sure they understand the true meaning of the greatest gift ever given.  When Christmas Came will help do just that.