If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…it’s a duck!

If it walks a like wolf, talks like a wolf, but says it’s a duck…someone is hoping you are “simple” enough to think it’s a duck.

Moms beware of wolves in sheeps clothing! (Uh…ducks clothing.)

Hollywood is figuring out there are lots of Christians out there who want movies that are not replete with foul language and violence. However, even when they delete the foul language the speech they are spouting is not biblical…though they try to sell it as such.

This is just a friendly reminder to all  you discerning minds out there. Don’t become fooled by Hollywood and assume that warm, fuzzy and benign means biblical. There is a movie currently doing very well at the box office that even touts its accompanying Bible study. But if you take a look at the study, it has NOTHING to do with the Bible. It doesn’t even mention it, if you can believe that.

It’s easy to stay away from the movies that are obvious in their unrighteousness, but it requires a bit more discernment when it comes to the sweet movies that can lull us into complacency and a belief that all that is in the movie is truth.

I enjoy movies, however when viewing movies I always have my radar up, and if something doesn’t ring true to me…it’s not.

That’s the beauty of being a student of the Bible—the more you read and absorb the Bible the easier it is to spot counterfeit theology. For me, movie viewing is an opportunity to teach my children the difference between our Biblical world view and the world so that they too can spot the lies being disguised as truth.

Isn’t it interesting that the Enemy thinks he can pull one over on us with a few sweet words and an actress or two that we believe to be a “good person”. A “good movie” is a dangerous weapon in the hands of the enemy if he is using it to sell false theology.

As a student of the Bible you will always be better informed than those in Hollywood who are not reading the Bible. So, enjoy the entertainment on the big screen, but remember…there are a lot of “quacks” making movies.