Summer is over. Boo.

The house is WAY too quiet. Boohoo.

I just cannot believe how melancholy I feel yet again. It happens every year when my children head back to school … I get those September blues.

And get this … I recently came to the startling realization that in three years my oldest will be off to college. And then three years later my youngest will follow suit. Empty nest, yikes!

What is an involved, fun-loving mom to do? Well, actually she is to get her little self prepared for the inevitable. And that is why, ladies, I so appreciate Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest. The sadness I used to feel about my impending empty nest has been replaced with anticipation of all the memories we can make between now and my drive away from that big college campus. It is also causing me to look at what God may have for me to do once my little ones have flown! Now instead of looking toward the empty nest with dread and fear, I am learning to look with expectancy and excitement.

Barbara and Susan helped me to understand that I need to start planning now for my empty nest. Nothing earth-shattering, but simply considering all options through the lens of “what is important right now, while they are still in our home?”. (For example, we were thinking about remodeling our kitchen, but after looking at the costs involved we recognized we would much rather spend that money on a few memorable vacations and mission trips that we can do as a family.)

I have gained so much by reading about the struggles and victories of Barbara and Susan. I have also started my own little “draft” (think athletic teams) to decide which other moms are my potential “picks” for teammates as we go through this empty nest thing! How fun is that? Instead of getting to the empty nest and trying to rustle up some companionship, I am signing up potential players already—with an excellent signing bonus of fun and fellowship leading up to the big day!

If you are not quite in the empty nest, this pre-empty nest mom is suggesting that you, and all those moms you know who have tweens or teens, need to read Barbara and Susan’s book, formulate a plan, and start your own draft!

Thanks, Barbara and Susan, for setting me up for my own little victory and chasing away my September blues!