This weekend we spent a great deal of time watching the weather as Hurricane Ike pounded the Texas coastline. Pictures of ravaged homes and floating debris made my gut twist. Articles and news reported four million without power and thousands stuck in makeshift shelters. My heart went out to them, especially the families with special needs kids.

I got a small taste of their troubles when the remnants of Ike took out our power in the middle of the night. I didn’t get much sleep and wondered how Rachel’s autism would affect her ability to cope with it.

The next morning was just as I’d imagined. Rachel did not understand why we couldn’t open the fridge, why she couldn’t have juice, and why the TV wouldn’t come on. She screamed and cried and threw several tantrums. With her severe language deficits, nothing we said helped her understand. I realized then that I had no idea what so many people have experienced in the last few years full of devastating storms. Something as simple as juice sent my daughter into a tailspin. What about all those people displaced for weeks, maybe months? Join with me and pray for all the people affected by Ike and the other natural disasters that have hit us in recent times.

If you would like to help with hurricane relief, check out this site called Network for Good.