I have never been one to be star struck, though I have met quite a few famous people by the world’s standards. But I have been dumbstruck over how God will use people, and their gifts, in the most fascinating ways to bring Glory to Himself. I enjoy meeting these unlikely modern-day heroes of the faith who are on fire for the Lord and using their gifts and talents—whatever they may be—to further God’s kingdom.

Take the unlikely story of Eduardo Verastegui. Here’s a guy who was a Latin heartthrob, the Brad Pitt of Latin America, and after he had an encounter with Jesus Christ he walked away from Hollywood and many lucrative opportunities. He left to study the Word of God and search his heart, and ended up answering God’s call on his life to head right back to Hollywood.

Eduardo knew that God did want him to use his talents in movies, but not the typical Hollywood movies. Out of that decision came his riveting performance in Bella, a fabulous movie that celebrates love, family, and life. If this is not part of your DVD collection it should be.

I met Eduardo. My husband and I had dinner with him and the other creators of the movie, and once I got past those heartthrob good looks, I saw so much more … his love for God and his desire to glorify Him with his life.

Well, flash forward to a couple of months ago when I got to meet a couple more amazing men who are using their talents in the Hollywood arena—though they are far from the Hollywood back lots—in the little town of Albany, Georgia.

The Kendrick brothers have come up with a stellar movie that made me laugh, cry, clap, and “amen” more than once! The message on what marriage is really all about will make you want to take every couple you know to go see this movie. Add to that a clear, compelling presentation of the gospel that is non-threatening and you’ll want to take every person you know to the theater!

Stephen and Alex Kendrick felt called by God to make movies, and though it didn’t seem to make sense, they answered the call and got their whole church involved. Their movies are Fly Wheel, Facing the Giants and their best to date, FIREPROOF.

Ladies, FIREPROOF is a must see.  And a trip to the theater on opening weekend will make a huge difference and send a clear message to Hollywood that these are the kinds of movies the American public wants to see! It’s not just me either—my children are big fans of FIREPROOF and have been telling all their friends to go see it!

The movie opens September 26.  Might I suggest a date night with your hubby? And remember—call a friend and make it a double date!