As a new mother I looked forward to the days when danger wouldn’t lurk behind every electric outlet, staircase, bathtub, and knife drawer. Sadly, I realize as my children grow the dangers grow. Yes, I believe God protects them—He is a perfect parent while I am not—but I must do my part. And who knew the bookstore and library could be so hazardous?

What would you think if your child came home from a book fair with a book titled Conversations with God for Teens by Neale Donald Walsch? I asked someone today. She said she’d be happy her child was reading about God. I asked if she’d read it. “Probably not. It sounds safe,” she said.

The phone hissed with her violent exhale when I told her some of what the author said in another of his books called Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1). The author claims his book is a pencil and paper conversation with God. Mr. Walsch wrote questions, and he says God answered by moving the pen in his hand. Among other things, he quotes God as saying we (the author and all other people) are God’s equals, the Bible is not an “authoritative source” of truth about God, and a person should decide what is true for him or her based on his or her feelings.

And this is not the only hair-raising book I’ve read this week from the YA section. You can’t be too careful. You can’t trust titles or cute pink covers. Beware of what lies beneath, sisters.