So, did you enjoy your Labor Day weekend?  Due to some extra rain in my neck of the woods, my Labor Day weekend sort of lasted until Thursday morning.

Consider it all joy, sisters, when you face trials of many kinds

  • Friends came to visit for Labor Day weekend and while they were here a tree limb fell on their car. (They graciously continue to say it is not our fault.)
  • Gustav came for a visit, too, causing unending rain, and water came up so close to the barn that we had to move the horses, clear out equipment, and raise everything in the barn above six feet, just in case. (My hubby looks too cute dripping wet and in his “Let’s save the ranch, Honey” mode.)
  • Electricity went out for over 24 hours. (Playing Apples to Apples by candlelight is really fun!)
  • Daughter got detention for text messaging during school. (Teenagers are supposed to make mistakes while they are still home so we can prepare them for the world.)
  • Discovered bats living in our attic. (No wonder we have so few bugs on our ranch—they are being rapidly consumed by our furry friends.)

Through it all I kept thinking, I am so blessed—there are many families in America who lost their homes, or are displaced from their homes due to Gustav. I also recognize that there are many families staring down the Atlantic at a series of storms that could be devastating.

I echo Janel and her post from yesterday: Let us all commit to pray for those who are in harm’s way and find ways to encourage our children to love on those who are hurting!

Easy tip that you can do right at home:  My children have always enjoyed writing letters and drawing pictures and mailing them to weather-stricken areas, the Red Cross is happy to distribute these notes of encouragement in their shelters. (Make it a class project at school or church!)