Today as I pushed the vacuum into my bedroom, my dog froze in terror. In compassion I turned to the right so she could tuck tail and run the other way. I chuckled to myself and wondered why she’s so afraid of a small machine. Is it the noise, the rarity of its use, or is it just because she doesn’t understand it? Whatever her problem is, it seems so silly. This is the same 100-pound Labrador Retriever that has taken on bigger dogs and won. So why the fear?

It then occurred to me that I am often just like my dog with the vacuum, especially when it comes to mothering my children. I fear for them. The outside world scares me. I worry about falls, bug bites, snakes, school, bullies, cars driving two streets away, the water drain on the street’s corner, fires, the apocalypse. You name it, I’ve probably worried about it and feared it. Why?

I wonder if God looks at me the same way I look at my dog when she runs from the vacuum. Just like I’m in control of that machine, He is in control of this entire world and more. He created stars so big that our sun wouldn’t even be a pinpoint on a comparison chart. So why do I fear? Perhaps, like my dog, I fail to see the big picture.

So, if you’re like me, I pray we will continue to see God’s big picture and to trust Him with what is most precious to us.