One of my friends has this great t-shirt. It says, “I make milk. What’s your superpower?” You know why I love that? It reminds me that I’m a superhero to my children.

Before you ask, no, I’m not lactating. Our power as moms spans from conception/adoption to eternity. I believe God made all His children for a purpose. That means we are all destined for greatness in God’s eyes. In some cases, like Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, it means a gift that brings fame and fortune—after a lot of hard work. For others, it may mean having an unique gift to bring comfort, the ability to share God’s word with boldness, or maybe be a great dish washer. Whatever the gift, who helps develop and encourage it? Mom!

How many hours did Debbie Phelps have to sit by a pool? How about Stephen Spielberg’s mom who used to make fake blood for his home movies? How about my mom who told me how brilliant my first short story was and that I needed to keep writing?

Being a mom is powerful. It means our children have someone who believes in them, someone who’s got their backs.

Watching Debbie Phelps’ face while her son swam said exactly that. But so often, peers, teachers, and others may not recognize the things in our children that will make them great. Even Jesus’ brothers didn’t recognize who He was. What about a boy with ADHD who drives his teachers crazy? He might become a record breaking Olympic swimmer because of all his energy. Who will help him see his potential? Mom!

We, as moms, have superpower. We are cheerleaders, prayer warriors, teachers, boo-boo tenders, game/recital watchers, good Candyland losers, and mostly, springboards to greatness.

Oh, in case you wondered, we have the same superpower as wives (minus the Candyland part). Yes, we are that cool.