I am sitting here hyperventilating!

I just got a text message from my daughter:

“Hey since we dont hav Echo 2nite can i go w j, j & b 2 their church?”

That seems like a reasonable request, right? What’s the big deal? Of course I want her to go to church with her friends! Right?


Here’s the rest of the story. One of the “j’s” in that text message is the first of her friends who is able to drive! Do you realize what my child is asking me? Do you realize this is the very first time I have EVER had to contemplate such a request?

Mom, can I get in a car with three other teenage girls, one of whom just got her license, and drive up and down the street (where other cars will be) while laughing, listening to music, messing with my phone and talking incessantly, all the while driving next to other cars with an inexperienced driver behind the wheel!

Literally, I’m hyperventilating. I had to get up and walk down the hall and breath deeply and tell myself not to FREAK OUT! My daughter is a great girl, she has wonderful friends, but … oh my gosh, I have to allow her to do this and trust that she will be perfectly okay and come home unscathed!


How do moms do this?

I know the only way this mom will do this is trust … trusting her and trusting that God loves her more than I do and that He is in control … not me!

Hey, does anyone have a paper bag?