My teenage daughter asked me the other day if I knew what a mosquito ring tone was.

I replied, “I don’t and quite frankly I don’t care about ring tones. What’s the big deal? The free ones that come with the phone are just fine!”

“Oh, you care about this one,” she assured me.

Thus, the beginning of another lesson on the teen species’ ability to outsmart the adults in their lives when it comes to electronic gadgets! Evidently all across classrooms and homes in America there are phones ringing constantly and the adults in the room have no idea!

I sat in disbelief as we googled “mosquito ring tone” and there was all the information glaring at me! The “mosquito ring tone” is actually advertised for teens to purchase for their cell phones because the pitch is too high for grown ups to hear! Right there, before my eyes, was an online lesson on how to deceive your parents and teachers! Yeah, I was shocked too!

I found some solace in the fact that my teenager was telling me about it. She said she thought I should know because I sometimes substitute teach at her school.

Still not quite sure if I believed her, I asked her to make her phone ring because I could not imagine that I really wouldn’t be able to hear it!

Moments later, as I sat straining with all my might to hear something, her little brother was shouting, “Stop that! What is that? Turn it off!”

Nada, zip, nothing.

Actually I made her do it again and I put my ear almost touching her phone and I could hear a faint little buzz—meanwhile the two of them were holding their ears and squinting as if in pain.

I was feeling a little pain myself—pain in the fact that our teens are being taught and encouraged to be deceptive.  If the rule is “no cell phones in class” that means no cell phones in class, not cell phones that the adults can’t hear are okay!

So moms, keep your eyes and ears open, but realize even that isn’t enough these days. Communication with your teen is of the utmost importance!  Make time to talk, you may just be amazed at what your teenager can teach you about this fast-changing world!

My question now is … who’s got a can of bug spray?