Have you ever had those times in your life when your kids are sick with the virus that just will not go away?

Well this is that time for me. In the past five weeks my kids have had ear infections, double ear infections, strep throat, fevers, coughs, and now we are dealing with some viral infection. And last night my 3-year-old threw up all over his bed!

I have been through at least two cans of disinfecting spray, washed sheets a million times, and changed toothbrushes twice.

I am past the point of trying to keep my sanity. Let’s be honest, it is all about the INSANITY around here. I am doing my best to maintain, but I am tired. I just want my boys to be healthy.

I’m not looking for answers, just needed to share with all the moms out there who have been where I am and know exactly what I am talking about. Motherhood, for all it is, is worth it! Absolutely. But anyone who says it is easy is lying!