We just returned from vacation and oh, the fun we had! A vacation dedicated strictly to my husband and myself—NO KIDS! It was beyond amazing! I am all about taking time for just Bryan and me to reconnect with one another on every level—spiritual, emotional and of course, physical. It just gives both of us time to enjoy being together without the distraction of the kids.

Many couples I have talked to do not agree with doing things without the kids (i.e. date night or vacation). I do not understand this way of thinking for two reasons. First, I deeply love my husband and selfishly want time with just him—to enjoy him and talk with him without interruptions. Secondly, I realize that when the kids leave home I will have to sit across the dinner table looking at either a stranger or the person that I took time to enjoy and pour into over the years. Many couples call it quits when the kids leave home, because they have allowed the kids to become the main focus and over time they drifted apart.

That makes me sad. See, I come from a divorced home and that is something that I never want my kids to experience. Bryan and I have made it a point to put God first, then each other, then the kids. Divorce is not an option. I choose to end the cycle of divorce in my family and begin a new legacy. Don’t get me wrong, our marriage has its ups and downs like every other marriage, but the difference is we choose to work through the downs together, no matter what.

My time away with Bryan was great! I encourage everyone to initiate time alone (without the kids) with your husbands and get back to the basics of your marriage and remember why you got married in the first place. You don’t have to go away or go out on a date (although you should really make an effort to do that as much as you can) but you can put the kids down early and enjoy a quiet evening at home. Many times Bryan will go get steaks and grill them while I put the kids to bed and when I am done we sit down to a nice dinner together. Whatever works for you and your schedule and budget.

When we got back we were able to meet the kids, feeling refreshed and full of energy. And of course they were full of energy too!