What is it with boys?

So, we are walking from the parking lot to the church entrance—simple enough. Or is it?

We are walking on the rock path and sidewalk. He is walking around the bushes and through the grass.

We are walking across the street. He is bouncing across the street “blasting” cars—woosh, pppssshhhwww.

We are again walking on the sidewalk. He is balancing on the curb, then walking on the mulch, then heading towards the rock wall.

Hubby says, “Come here and walk with us.” He falls in line beside his father and then proceeds to strut his way towards the door in sort of a half-penguin, half-ape saunter—all the while singing some happy little tune.

We all made it to church and enjoyed the service, but somehow I think he had the most fun getting there.  And yes, upon repeating much of the same process, returning back to the car.

Boys just do things … well, like boys.

So Mom, let him.  And if you’re fortunate, he’ll rub off on you and you’ll balance on rock walls with him! (Yep, I did…heels and all!)