We embarked on a fun adventure by hosting our very first “camp” for our five grandchildren:  “Mimi and Papa Camp” or “MP Camp.”

There was a lot of planning and preparation to ready our home for our four grandsons—a 7-, 5- and 3-year-old, and a 16-month-old—and our 11-month-old granddaughter. Five campers, five days! Here is how it all began …

I sent a fun registration card for camp with the theme, planned activities, and information about what to pack. I even included a personalized luggage tag for each camper! Their moms helped plan the menu for the week, including some favorite snacks.

Meanwhile, I assembled various Bible lessons and activity booklets for devotions. All materials—Bible activity pages, stickers, and colored pencils—were placed in large personalized folders.  The campers earned merits for being obedient, sharing, forgiving one another, and doing lessons with a good attitude. The race was on as to who would get the most stickers!

On opening day, welcome signs were posted on assigned sleeping quarters, on the bathroom mirror and in the galley (kitchen). It was fun to watch as our campers found their names and quickly settled into their rooms. I kept a sense of order and anticipation by visibly posting the week’s schedule:  fishing, swimming, movie at a theater, baseball game, Bible lessons, and picture day. We even set up a tent in the backyard for day adventures and picnics.

Lastly, to capture all activities I enlisted Uncle Butch as camp photographer. There are photos of Mimi pitching the tent, photos that capture them with Papa on jet skis, swimming in the lake, or just quietly readingbooks in the afternoons. We plan to produce our MP Camp ’08 album from this picture collection.

We concluded camp with a picnic and fireworks. Their big hugs and tender kisses, their “thank yous,” and the chorus of “Oohs!” and “Awesome!” were a perfect ending to a wonderful week.

What words could I use to describe our camp week? Tiring? Yes!

But memorable and awesome? Yes!