by Paula Dumas

Balance has officially gone Hollywood.

Did you catch The Today Show interview with Sarah Jessica Parker a while back? She was asked if she would consider doing a sequel to the Sex and the City film. Her answer:

“You have to ask my son … he has to be willing to be diligent, to let me.”

Hmmm. Meredith probed, and SJP admitted that over the past two years, she had been absent literally or figuratively creating this film, and she didn’t want to do that again—unless her son gave her the okay.

First, she deserves a big “woo hoo” for realizing her absence as a mom while producing this film might have an effect on her son’s development and their relationship. Been there, big time. Like her, I became consumed with my career as a mom with young sons and a global marketing role with a ginormous corporation. It’s the first step in understanding the role God calls us to as mothers, before our outside work.

Now, asking permission? Maybe it was just a slip-up, not realizing that moms are actually in charge here. Or maybe it was intentionally honoring her son, making up for her absence.

What do you think?