The most recent post of my dear friend, Barbara Rainey, concerning the birth of their newest granddaughter struck my heart. Little Molly Ann faces insurmountable medical crises that, without a miracle from God, may soon make heaven her home.

I wept, prayed, and I have to admit, I worried for my friend. I went to Scripture and read Psalm 116.  I sensed God’s comfort, sovereignty, and immeasurable grace and mercy. Barbara and the family have so much strength and courage to even permit us to share their pain.

When a sister-friend bears her heart it provokes a warrior spirit in me. The prayers, encouraging presence, and even wordless conversation comes from a heart of love and commitment. We go to battle against despair, discouragement, or bereavement.

Death is not the final place for the believer. It is just a holding place until we are united in the presence of our Heavenly Father where life really begins!

May we be strengthed in the assurance that what death steals here is made alive in the presence of God.