Ten months ago I was a mess. My first baby was about to start kindergarten. I couldn’t fathom how she would survive all those hours away from me, and I couldn’t bear to see her go.

Last week school let out. My first reaction was panic. What am I going to do with my child for all those hours? It’s amazing how quickly things change! I am looking forward to spending time with her this summer, but I’m worried she’ll be bored by the slow pace I can manage.

I shared my fears with my mom. She said that was very normal. Managing the transition between school routine and the wide open summer can be difficult at first. Many moms go through a period of anxiety. So, don’t sweat itunless you are outside.

Get a pool pass, check out summer library programs, find a hobby to enjoy together. And if you are blessed to have a fun friend like Tracey Eyster, ask her for some exciting summer activity ideas. Maybe she’ll blog about that … hint, hint.